Welcome to my private homepage.

On the following pages I would like to introduce myself and give you’re a broad insight into my activities - particularly my profession as employee of the marketing department for the intra-logistics solution provider Dematic in Offenbach, as public relations adviser for Martha’s finest Catering and the Ecclesiastic Service for Gastronomy in Frankfurt and my projects as freelance web designer and layouter.

You probably noticed my various fields of activity… Fact is that I am easily attracted by everything new - especially by new technologies. In retrospect studying architecture at Darmstadt’s Technical University was the right choice for me, because here I was introduced to interdisciplinary and methodical work paired with the love for details.

My decision to switch into industry business instead of working an architect’s office was not an easy one, but the options and creative space were just too attractive. Still I would say that my work benefits from my studies.

Alongside with my work I have established several private activities and hobbies: on the one hand there are various designed web pages, brochures and flyers for friend and their companies but also for non-profit and ecclesiastic institutions. On the other hand there is my passion for traveling associated with the country’s art history, travel sketches and photography.

For now I wish you a good time clicking through my pages and I look forward to your messages, comments and suggestions.

Sebastian Ahl